Dear Readers, 

The Global Pandemic has alarmed humanities and most countries. The lockdown of some nations, (and with prediction to be more...) and the closed borders for immigrants, business transactions, and travelers, increasing unemployment which means; The economy would eventually suffer, give it about five months and without any positive changes, we maybe experiencing the “recession” and then “depression” mode in about two years. Shortage of essential supplies, death is increasing, medical products are limited and the government officials are working hard to solve this phenomenon! 

What are the effects of Corona Virus to small businesses, entrepreneurs, or self-employed group? Especially with the non-essential businesses; the wants? the luxury living? It is a Domino Effect. Less business, low employment and less income which led to a minimal spending! Small business  may not survive if not  played wisely?!

Well, Great News for Etsy Shop owners! There is a light at the end of the tunnel!   

ETSY CEO, Josh Silverman, has just issued a message to Support the ETSY Community during COVID-19. 

First, ETSY will invest $5 Million in Offsite Ads Credits through the end of April which will promote.... advertise the ETSY Shop products on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and BING at No cost to Etsy Owners. ETSY is investing in your growth, as a small business owner. ETSY is investing NOW and you won’t see any Offsite Ads charges until May 1st. 

2nd, ETSY will give you extra time to pay your bills. Starting today, May 20th, ETSY is providing ALL Sellers with one month grace period, if you have an outstanding bills. 

Lastly,  ETSY is providing a dedicated team to assist you 24/7 and can provide you with resources in managing through these hard times and help your shop stay in good standing when challenges arise. Take advantage of these benefits, visit 

PEARLSbyVivian Jewelry shares their part of “Random Act of Kindness” to Shoppers in Three Ways:

Payment Plan Option- Order Now and PAY as many segments as you want or the common term is “Lay Away Plan”.  When a full payment is received, we will ship your item immediately. We believe that by offering this option, no one should delay or halt the fun part of life, by having the Jewelry you love!

Charity/Non-Profit Donations: For every item you purchased, we will donate part of it to the organization that help exterminate the COVID-19 disease. We will provide receipts of these donations.  This helps give you peace and sense of purpose to your fellowmen.

Discount/Sale Offers: Random items, most items listed on the shop will be on sale everyday from 10%-50% Discount. If you have a specific item you like, Convo Us to ask for a discount offer!

As usual, PearlsbyVivian offers the same products; such as the Pearls (Tahitian, Freshwater, Shell Pearls, Baroque Pearls, And South Sea Pearls), Gold and Engagement and Wedding Rings. And the fun part, Custom made design pearls jewelry. 

Disclaimer - Although the Cargo Airlines for Commercial Shipments  or product carriers have continued their regular operation, we continue to ask your patience for any delay of shipments we may experience for outside the US borders orders, (i.e., France, United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, Italy, Thailand and other countries). We are hopeful that outside the borders suppliers or within the US product suppliers (i.e. French Polynesia) would continue a timely shipments. 

SHOP NOW or Convo Us on Etsy at or email us : with inquiries, orders or concerns. 

May the Almighty Super Power watch over us always...

Be kind, Be Safe! 


Vivian Grossman


PEARLSbyVivian Jewelry