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What should Santa gives on Christmas? 

It's your Pearl Blogger, Vivian! Thank you for stopping by.  It's that time of year again! And, time flies fast.  But hey, some of us love the Holiday Season.  The time of giving!  And, Christmas is just around the corner!   Most of us who would wonder what to give and whom to give it to, a kinda gift which is memortable as Christmas Gift; whether you're a man or a woman, you'll always think of the greatest gift for someone special.

As a woman, take my advise now! Pearls Jewelry can be your best bet Christmas Gift.  It's a long lasting piece, a jewelry with purity, class and an everlasting safe keep looks in it. Pearls meanings and symbol would be one of the reasons why you would give it to her.

These are a few types of natural pearls that you should pick and decide which one She might like? From Freshwater Pearls,  Tahitian Pearls, White and Golden South Sea Pearls and Shell Pearls.

In addition to the category pick, you also have to decide whether she likes a Ring, Bracelets, Earrings and Necklace Pearls?

There are colors, diameter sizes, types and cost to consider but Pearls is every individuals preference.  Each style is unique and great for all ocassion whether She has a party to attend to, wedding, events, holiday party, birthday party, bridal shower and more....All Pearls Jewelry Style are perfect for all ocassion.  Our products are genuine pearls and our Best Sellers are Baroque Pearls (See Image with this Blog), Tahitian and Golden South Sea Pearls.  Well, Freshwater Pearl is always the favorite by everyone!

Shop Now to Enjoy the 20% Discount for the Season and you'll also get a FREE genuine pearls. You have variety to choose from.  For non pearl lovers, there are other style of jewelries offerred - engagements or bridal rings and Gold Jewelry are also available.

Let me know if you have any feedback or questions or assistance with your order, email me at

Check out our website from Etsy- PearlsbyVivian

Happy Holidays and Enjoy Shopping!


Vivian Grossman


Colorado, USA