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Pearls have their own valuation system like Diamonds! 

For those of you who's been following my blog, thank you for visiting my store.  Hello again! It's me, Vivian Grossman, the founder of PearlsbyVivian since December of 2018.  

It is fascinating to discover something new and why Pearls are so unique, classic, and  what makes this Gemstone, Pearl,  captivates us?  Eventhough, it is individuals preference when it comes to style, it is still undeniable that a certain features will always be determined by a few pearl lovers prior to purchasing their Pearl Jewelry.

There are 5 five methodology (the 5 S's) that are taken into consideration when selecting pearls:  Shade, Size, Shine (Luster), Surface, and Shape.

Shape- The more perfectly round the pearl, the more expensive the pearl is. Throughout history,  the most "round" pearl is the most valuable and expensive because they were  symbol of the moon. But today,  the not so perfect round pearls are considered just as valuable.  Baroque are considered as the most imperfect and irregular pearls (Pear shape, circular, button shape, and more) but they are exquisite and beautiful, so unique! Each piece has their own shape and character.

Size-Pearl sizes can be as 2mm (millimmeter) and can go as high as 20-25mm (very rare).  When pearl reaches up to 7-8mm they jump high in price.  When a large harvest occurred with the same size, the cost could go down.  It is a Supply and Demand Theory.  When supply is low then cost of pearls are high.  High Demand for the same size the cost will go up.

Take for example, the Saltwater Pearls are created in oyster and oyster only creates one pearl at a time.  To be able to assemble an entire necklace of the same size and shape are rare and could take many many years.  That's the reason why their valuable and expensive.

Shine (Luster)- The deeper and the more lustrous the pearl is,  the more valuable it is.  When pearl is created, what happened is that it becomes threatened by a parasite or foreign object that enters the shell and by protecting itself, there's that called "mother of pearl".  It just keeps layering itself, it becomes more lustrous.  The longer a pearl remain it shell, the more lustrous it will be. Take a look at the strands of South Sea and Tahitian Pearls that look vibrant and the freshwater pearls , the not so lustrous! Both type of pearls are just as exquisite though.

Surface - The fewer the flaws and blemishes on the pearl, normally, they are considered more valuable.  There are pearls with great imperfections that are just as great and valuable and desirable.  Let's take a look at the strands of pearls with no blemishes and a strand of Tahitian pearls with flaws and blemishes. It gives it a natural and very exotic feel.

There's beauty to be seen in every pearls imperfection.

Shade- Pearl comes with an array of beautiful colors.

  • Tahitian Pearls- comes in shade of black, brown, gray, and green.  The most desirable Tahitian is known as the "peacock" color.  It possessess the peacock feather. It comes with pink, purple, green, its so different and beautiful.

  • South Sea Pearls- They come in shades of white, golden, gray tone.

  • Freshwater Pearls- They come in shades of white, creme, pink, violet, purple and ivory. 

Although, the style and taste we based on in every pearl stone is individuals preference.  It is still advisable to know each forms of pearls features and how we distinquished them from each other.

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