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It's your blogger, Vivian with PEARLS byVivian. As promised, I'll be working on my blog on a regular basis going forward. And, as always, it's so exciting to share some knowledge about the gemstone that provides amazing impact of my life.  

Today, Pearl necklaces are a young woman's jewelry.  Pearls in 1960s - 70s always  had the image of a grand mother's jewelry.  Pearl provides style, elegance and purity.  A jewelry for all ages and can be worn to all type of occassions. Here are some of the pearl features to determine its value.

Luster- The highest quality pearl is about the pearl that has magnificent luster.  The shine that is reflected off the surface of the pearl, the array and change of colors.

Shape - Although shape varies, the most important factor in a beautiful pearl is the actual degree of roundness.  The perfect spear is the most perfect pearl.   Maybe less than 10% of the pearls are perfectly round.

Surface- The surface condition; the smallest, the tiniest blemished on a surface of a pearl reduces the value automatically.

Size - Size does matters a lot.   Typically, an oyster can accomodate between 10-11mm pearl; a 17-18-19-20 millimeter, it needs to have an oyster the size of a dinner plate.

The most expensive stayed in a woman in pearls is the largest pearl; the equivalent of 20mm ($250,000.00).  Because of the rarity, Luster; because of the beauty or a big necklace can equate into a half million dollars.  A single 20x18mm; a rare product in a year maybe limited necklaces a year that can be produced.

The dept quality in choosing and matching the same undertones and overtones, surface, luster are exactly the same are one of the factors of a high valued pearl jewelry.

Don't get me wrong from experienced, tons of buyers love its irregular sizes and shapes, the luster is not even a discussion just from a few....  little did they know that the higher the luster is the higher the price for it!  (Sorry not in the price range offerred in our catalog).  For many, the more imperfect it is, the more they it call it, it's real pearls!

Any feedback from you on how you define the value of a pearl would be much appreciated.  Please visit my shop if you wish to add some pearl collection with your wardrobe  or email me if you have any questions.


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