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Eight months ago, December of 2018 to be exact, the business was founded, PearlsbyVivian @  Well, time flies by fast when you're super busy! Now... is August of 2019. It maybe a short-period of time but I learned tons of interesting information about having a business in this competitive market place in running a business, and the knowledge I've learnt including from my buyers and prospects as Pearl Lovers.

While in the midst of running the business and understanding what critical aspects and the highlights involved to advance, I also enjoy the interesting feedback we gained from the client's inquiries and the specific criteria they share about the Pearls Features and more!

So far, everyone is happy and willing to share what they know and if there's any incosistencies of the product descriptions and the correct differentiation of each pearl types. Because I'm still in the development stage, I have not gotten back with a few clients who I thought may result to a more buying experience if we chose to take time to address their specific needs and a certain request.  For now, our priority is to continue our research about the product niche rather than accepting orders which could turn into a serious issue since they have specific taste of what they're looking for.  They are meticulous.  They are savvy and know what they want! which is perfect as they are teaching me as well.  This part in accomodating client's specific needs will be our ultimate goal.

Understanding the client's buying behavior from all over the world could be a great topic to share as well for those of you entrepreneurs.   We've dealt with clientele from Italy, Japan, Spain, France , United Kingdom AND.... the US!  I'm not mocking our own citizens but some buyers in the US are impatient, critical and there's always some unnecessary words to say.  BUT, this is exactly what we're looking for! a Logical/Constructive Criticism. We are so thankful for their valuable input!   However, back to our buyers from the countries, just imagine most of the time, it takes them weeks and have had dealt with lost items in the mail and yet...they are willing to wait for there replacement items and refused to be refunded (that France buyer wow! (instead? they are grateful with no complaints! Just sayin! Well, approximately, 90% of domestic buyers are appreciative and kind...Like one of them who left a have positive Feedback from New York, NY.  To be fair, for constant progress, we need all kinds of feedback, positive or negative from all clients. So, THANK YOU!

The bottom line is about the PearlsbyVivian's Niche Product, THE Pearls.  

As I mentioned before, we've discovered the different type of pearls.  Just a discovery that our gender of buyers are expanding! There's a few buyers now who are "Male" .   Like one in Florida, He bought two items for different female addresses during Mother's day and the one from Des Moise, IA for his Girlfriend.  One guy I know, named Cory, has helped me a lot!  There's a belief that when you start a  business, your "first" buyer should be "male"! Yep! Cory bought the first black pearl (shell) for his wife Christmas Gift! and another day happens, he was looking for a gift (it was a Valentines Day?) then I didn't have it.  (As always, He jokingly said, you just lost a client!) He provided suggestions about having an item all the time as you never know who buys it. See! Guys are simple. In short, our Target Market has now expanded to MALE buyers!  Which is a great thing! They buy what they think their wife/partner/girlfriend wants, they are not looking for the cost :-) and they are not as picky as female buyers, they don't ask too much...(don't judge me!) 

Of all types of Pearls, The Golden South Sea Pearl was HOT!  The Best Seller from Earrings to Necklace style. I never knew that there's like a "gold"en color and some clients think it was like painted with gold or yellow! Golden South Sea does exist and one of a kind! (and, White South Sea) It is a Saltwater Pearl.  South Sea pearl are usually produced in Indonesia, Philippines and Australia.  The Second type is the "Akoya" pearls. It is also a Saltwater Pearl. By the way, The biggest Pearl was found in Palawan, Philippines.

It maybe too early to identify which type is really valuable and selleable because my favorite is "Tahitian Pearls!" or I call them, "the Black Pearl!"

Until next time!  I'll write my blog on a monthly basis to share any updates with you all pearl collectors!  

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Golden South Sea Necklace