Dear Readers,

It's been over 3 months since I started to create my passion of pearl collection into a Busines Niche. It began in December of 2018. It was just for fun hobby when I realized that most women even men who touched and seen the actual product will likely to get it!  I do a lot of in "Person Selling" so... I witnessed the facial expressions of the Pearl Lovers. Then someone called me " The Pearl Lady!" 

Believe it or not, the most selleable kind is the out of the ordinaire style, the "unique" type of pearl. What I mean is, there seems to be a great market of the items that have irregular shapes with some flaws and imperfect luster quality but very interesting style!  Take for example, one of my clients, Operations Manager, who bought this European-American necklace 13-14mm with some flaws!  I was concerned because I knew it isn't perfect. But then she said, "This is real because it's not perfect (the grading)" and I love it!" And, this sophisticated lady from United Kingdom (they way she sends messages, there's no doubt, She comes from a very classy, well-off family!), She was delighted with the item, she claimed. Trust me the item She picked was really unique- different colors, grading, luster and sizes none of it was traditional.  The Texas Guy, also picked the item that had a really irregular/misperfect shape and sizes.  (He probably bought this for his wife or someone special during a Mother's day?).

Regardless of the Pearls's Grade, Luster, Shapes, and Types and no matter what  the occassion maybe whether it is an Engagement, Bridal Shower, Bachellorette Party, Anniversary, Holidays, Parties of any kind, Daily Wear, Mother's day, Valentine's days and especially the Big Day, Wedding- Pearl is The Women's Best Friend.  It is Timeless and Classic!

For the husbands, significant other out there, you can't get "no wrong" with this gift. Simply shop with us or other Etsy Shops Vendors, you will have what you need for Life!  It's hers forever gift from you.

Let me know what you think and share your story!

Vivian Grossman