Dear Readers,

As a newbie with Etsy, to share something on what made me chose to sell my favorite jewelry, pearls, through here, would be nice.

I've always wanted to start a new business that I am passionate about.  Don't get me wrong, I've created businesses before from the entertainment industry, dating site, computer store...and so much more..but I've always wonder on what is it that I am passionate about? Because it creates a long lasting interest and that I would love to be doing everyday? Hmnnn....I love to collect Pearls?! So, it is the begginning of my PEARLSbyVivian Jewelry Shop.

In my mind, Pearl is every woman's Best Friend! It has elegance, style and timeless looks of it no matter what kind of wardrobe you are wearing, it makes it dressy and classy!

I would love to hear your story to expand my horizon of knowledge about the beauty of pearls.


Vivian Grossman