Dear Readers,

What a wild year this has been for all us! Too much to share but too little time and don't know where to even begin?! Many of us were affected by the unprecedented time, COVID-19, from losing hope, depression, to losing our love ones, increasing unemployment rate, closed doors businesses, market crashed and at the same time experiencing the chaos just to survive as a citizen to government challenges but here we are! We made it to 2021! 

...The light at the end of the tunnel has come!

As a small business owner, we want to extend our "gratitude" and a great deal of appreciation to our viewers and frequent buyers for your patience and never ending support!  Without "YOU", our pearl jewelry shop would never have made it! So, Thank you!

Shopping for luxury items during the pandemic moment was never advisable but for some of us, it is one way to divert our longings of deprivation to do something that makes us excited, felt special and the need to continue living! The gift to ourselves and to our love ones with jewelry to keep for years will always be remembered specially the year that the whole world was in a lockdown era, people being quarantined, the worst financial issues to many families so there's nowhere to go during covid-19 crisis!

Interestingly, the revenue of gold and pearls were doubled and 100% higher? Obviously, it is a great deal to entrepreneur's survival! Who would have expected the higher buying power and a higher revenue comparison in the midst of government problems, millions of unemployed individuals, and economy's ...being not too positively on our side?

Thank you for shopping with us ! As you know, our products are Gold, Natural Pearls, Diamonds and other Gemstone Jewelry Items!  Not all of our products are posted from our shop at but reach out to us for any preference you maybe looking for and couldn't find them from our Shop or custom-made jewelry preference for Pearls Jewelry for Weddings, Events, Engagements, Birthdays, and for you Business Casual Wear or Daily Wear Jewelry.  Or Diamonds, Gold, Silvery picked Engagement rings and Wedding Bands with Engraved Names for your Special Day! 

Enjoy Shopping Now! Keep your Fashion moving!

Cheers to the New Year, 2021!  Pearlsbyvivian Team wishes you a very Happy New Year!

Vivian Grossman, CEO

VGB International Jewelry Designs

Denver, Colorado