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Frequent Buyers and the Items they Loved!

Custom Made with Name Tags - our order from Italy. The Message was created to be included with the necklace. We could create Name Tags with the Necklace or bracelets or add a short message, ice - " I Love You!" or Name Tag " Sabrina!"

Custom Made Wedding Jewelry- a pair of bracelet and necklace. Nice Clasp!

Custom Made- Your Specifications! I love this, the extra long pendant could be placed on the back or front depending on your dress style!

Custom made Trendy Necklace for a chic or being stylish, Small Freshwater Pearls created with a long adjustable length from one strand to three strand with modern silver clasp.

Custom Made Stretch Bracelets for a little girl! her little chakra bracelets! It looks so adorable on her!

One of our best seller ring! 14mm Natural Shell Pearl Rings Silver 925. Fashion and Fine!

Trendy Style 925 Sterling Silver Pearls Black that this Lady love!

Custom Made Order Earrings in a vintage style ear hook with baroque pearls!

One of the best seller items in our simple but elegant jewelry additional fee required.

Gold weight accuracy, our Jewelry Scale confirms the grams for your Gold Orders!

Simple But Elegant Packaging! All FREE!

M is a frequent buyer who loves to collect Pearls of all Kinds! She got this cute Shell Pearl Size almost like a peacock style with black main color 7mm!

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