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  • The Vintage and Trending Jewelry. The hope for small business is on the rise, post-pandemic year!

  • How COVID-19 affects the Small Business Industry?

    What are the effects of Corona Virus to small business owners, entrepreneurs, self-employed group? Specially the non-essential business; the wants? the Luxury of Jewelry? It is a domino effect. Less business, low employment and less income to spend! Small business owners may not survive if not played wisely?!

    Great News! There is a light at the end of the tunnel!

    ETSY CEO, Josh Silverman, has just issued a message to Support the ETSY Community during COVID-19.
  • Pearls Jewelry on Christmas Holiday Season

    Shop Now to Enjoy the 20% Discount for the Season and you'll also get a FREE genuine pearls. You have variety to choose from. For non pearl lovers, there are other style of jewelries offerred - engagements or bridal rings and Gold Jewelry are also available.
  • How PEARLS are Graded and Valued?

    There are 5 five methodology (the 5 S's) that are taken into consideration when selecting pearls: Shade, Size, Shine (Luster), Surface, and Shape.
  • PEARL, The Gemstone

    The most expensive stayed in a woman in pearls is the largest pearl; the equivalent of 20mm ($250,000.00). Because of the rarity, Luster; because of the beauty or a big necklace can equate into a half million dollars. A single 20x18mm; a rare product in a year maybe limited necklaces a year that can be produced.
  • Joining the Business Industry with Pearl as the Niche!

    Of all types of Pearls, The Golden South Sea Pearl was HOT! The Best Seller from Earrings to Necklace style. I never knew that there's like a "gold"en color and some clients think it was like painted with gold or yellow! Golden South Sea does exist and one of a kind! (and, White South Sea) It is a Saltwater Pearl. South Sea pearl are usually produced in Indonesia, Philippines and Australia. The Second type is the "Akoya" pearls. It is also a Saltwater Pearl. By the way, The biggest Pearl was found in Palawan, Philippines.
  • Pearl is Indeed every woman's best friend!

    Regardless of the Pearls's Grade, Luster, Shape and Types and no matter what the occassion maybe whether it is an Engagement, Bridal, Bachellorette Party, Parties of any kind, Christmas or any holidays, Mother's day and Valentine's days and especially the Big Day, Wedding- Pearl is The Women's favorite. It is Timeless and Collectible!
  • Your PEARL Lady

    I'm a believer that Pearl is Women's Best Friend! It has elegance, style and timeless looks of it.

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